Precision Waste provides rolloff services, including:

– Open-Top Dumpsters
– Compactors
– Balers
– Industrial Recycling Co-Op

LEED Reporting and Landfill Diversion

In the summer of 2012, Precision Waste answered a call from the Starbucks construction team in Augusta, Georgia. Starbucks was searching for a waste hauling company who would support their LEED certification goals of sustainable building. Over the course of two years, Precision Waste redirected waste to recycling users and successfully reached an 86% waste diversion goal for the entire project (453 tons out of 526 total tons were redirected out of the local landfill).

In 2014, Precision Waste extended its recycling practices to industrial manufacturing companies. It’s showcase plant, Hollander Sleep Products, which finished construction in April of 2015, instituted a total waste diversion plan set a 90% waste diversion goal for 2016.   With Hollander Sleep Products leading the local industries, Precision Waste established a co-operation for recycling materials in the region. Precision Waste now manages multiple shipments per month of combined recycled material generated from surrounding industries and municipalities.

Precision Waste is successful at combining resources in public and private partnerships to create new opportunities for recycling programs.   Respecting costs associated with recycling programs, Precision Waste calls on its public and private partners to combine recycle volumes to generate higher returns on recycling commodities.

Virginia Wilson, Executive Vice President, is actively managing multiple projects to establish new recycling opportunities for industrial high volume waste materials with no current recycling market.